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Reactive Ion Etching (RIE)

It is imperative to maintain planarity across a sample throughout a deconstruction to guarantee the site of interest is exposed to a high accuracy, and available for probing, imaging, or various other techniques.

To obtain maximum planarity, complex combinations of wet and dry etches, as well as physical polishing of a sample are mandatory.

Sage Analytical Laboratories uses RIE techniques to etch:

                      • Oxide based inter-level dielectrics
                      • Low-k dielectri
                      • Organics and Polyimide
                      • Polysilicon
                      • Aluminum

Exposing features across a full sample uniformly. This may also be used to highlight features and decorate samples for SEM or optical imaging. With the large chuck, sample sizes may range from a single die through full wafers.

The additional capability to use inductively coupled plasmas and customizable gas mixtures gives a wide range of removal rates and selectivity. This ensures a high level of planarity, as well as minimum etch times.