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Circuit Edit

FIB circuit editing is a crucial technique in the semiconductor field for reasons including:

  • Circuit debugging
  • Validation
  • Probe-point deposition
  • Engineering evaluation
  • In-depth analysis of customer return samples
  • Due to the highly localized sub-micron processes needed for advanced circuit editing, procedures performed at Sage Analytical Lab are utilized using CAD overlay techniques to pinpoint exact locations. This improved accuracy allows our engineers to navigate directly to the targeted location enhancing yield and precision. Coupled with 10nm beam resolution, FIB milling using Insulator Enhance Etch (IEE) gas, Sage Analytical is prepared to make extremely accurate edits.

    The IEE gas etch is a special mix selective to dielectric that is capable of producing a high aspect ratio hole through dielectric layers. By applying a targeted platinum gas into this hole, a uniform via and conductive lines can be established. Post circuit modification, glob topping allows the modified ICs to be mounted onto PCBs, reducing the possibility of damage to the circuit and wire bonds.

    Immediate turnaround at Sage Analytical Lab is standard procedure. With a nominal charge, circuit edit modifications can also be performed on weekends and holidays.