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High-Pin Count Automatic Curve Tracer

State of the art designs are leading to complex and multiple power (VDD)/grounding (GND) schemes and high pin count integrated circuit (IC) devices. Standard probing techniques to measure I/V characterization with old conventional curve tracers quickly becomes a daunting, unreliable task.

An example where simple I/V testing on hundreds of I/O pins needed to be measured and documented to several VDDs and GNDs would be extremely tedious and time consuming. If multiple pins need to be held at a potential while measuring others, the task quickly becomes unmanageable or impossible with conventional methods.

Sage Analytical has overcome this challenge with the use of the RTI “MegaTrace” System by Robson Technologies. This system is a high pin count (1152) curve tracing and latch-up testing suite which is fully programmable to measure any manner of combinations of pins in minimal time.

RTI is the leading supplier of automated curve tracing systems to the semiconductor industry. With a library of numerous universal, standard and custom sockets, Sage is capable of handling your needs.

This system is equipped with eight internal and external power supplies each able to apply up to +/-15 volts.

Services Sage can provide include:

    • Powered and un-powered curve tracing
    • Supply current measurements (Idd testing)
    • Functional preconditioning
    • Any DC measurement to +/- 15V and +/- 1A
    • Latch-up testing
    • Customized user defined setups

Remote docking cable fixtures are available for DUT boards and daughter cards which may be interfaced to probe stations, light emission, OBRICH, XIVA, LIVA or IR microscopes. This allows the tester to be used in conjunction with other testing equipment.