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Field Emission Dual-Beam FIB

The FEI Quanta 3D FEG utilized at Sage Analytical is a dual beam instrument which combines a field emission electron source column with a focused ion beam (FIB) column to characterize, image, and edit today’s most sophisticated integrated circuits.

The benefits of this tool set include live SEM imaging while FIB milling, circuit modification, TEM sample preparation, and structural modification at a nanometer scale. Equipped with an Omniprobe Micromanipulator, Sage Analytical is able to perform precision TEM lift-out sample preparation.

With the help of CAD overlay, FIB modifications can be properly executed on sub-micron multi-layer circuits with unrivaled accuracy and speed.

High current FIB capability greatly reduces milling times. Using dedicated gas mixtures, milling times are reduced further, and the dangers of redepositions are avoided. Finally, add that the SEM and FIB beams are focused at a coincident point and it is evident: this tool is streamlined for a quick, thorough, and efficient analysis.

Equipment Specifications:


    • High Resolution Field Emission Gun SEM column
    • High current Ga Liquid Metal Ion Gun FIB column
    • Secondary Electron Imaging
    • Platinum gas injection system
    • Insulator Enhance Etch
    • Silicon Etch
    • Dielectric deposition

Imaging Specifications

    • Accelerating Voltage 0.5 – 30 kV
    • Magnification 30X – 1,000,000X
    • SEM Resolution 12 Angstroms @ 30kV in high vacuum
    • FIB Resolution 70 Angstroms @ 30kV
    • Working Distance 5 – 60 mm

Specimen Stage

    • Eucentric tilt -20 to +70
    • Rotate 360
    • x = 80 mm
    • y = 40 mm
    • z = 26 mm