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Omni-Probe (TEM Sample Pick-up)

Due to the time saving and high precision on target-specific samples, Focused Ion Beam (FIB) preparation of TEM specimens has become a dominant technique.

Due to their incredible versatility, an OmniProbe system has been mounted on a high accuracy FIB tool at Sage Analytical Lab to facilitate quick and clean TEM sample lift out.

In addition, the OmniProbe can be used for neutralizing highly charged areas on non-carbon coated samples, and measuring electrical parameters of sub-micron isolated circuits.

One advantage of preparing TEM samples using a dual beam FIB system is to allow the engineer to perform his/her analysis on a specific site of a semiconductor device to within nanometer accuracy.

Utilizing the dual beam system enables the analyst to view the milling process in real-time and make necessary adjustments with immediate effect. TEM Samples can now be easily lifted out from the FIB cross sectioned region.