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3D / CT Sub-Micron X-Ray Analysis

With the new development applications in X-Ray CT for non-destructive isolation of defects in today’s sophisticated package technologies, a need for a submicron CT X-Ray system is essential.

Sub-micron packaging defects such as BGA fatigue and cracking, bump cracking, wire bond shorting, BGA voiding, and die attach coverage are some of the critical applications for today’s X-Ray CT Systems.

With the high resolution Sub-Micron 3D/CT X-Ray system at Sage Analytical Lab, passive components could also be inspected with high contrast micro-computed tomography system. This technique increases the chance of identifying and detecting the submicron defects which could not be visible with conventional 2D X-Ray systems. The 3D images can be generated by rotating the device 360 degrees. Multiple (720 to 2000) 2D projection images are collected at various angels. Computer tomography is the technique of merging these individual 2D X-Ray images and reconstructing them into a single, three-dimensional image.

Virtual simultaneous non-destructive cross sectioning and slicing from all angels performed on CT generated images could easily avoid the need for costly and time consuming physical and tedious cross sectioning of these devices. Yxlon FeinFocus Cougar high magnification, high power target (160 KV) X-Ray system utilized at Sage is equipped with OEM micro-focus and multi-focus tubes with closed loop central feedback at the source.

In addition, high speed digital detector and FGUI extended can be used to calculate the voids in BGA packages. CT images, using Window 7 graphic user interface featuring EZ-screen, can be generated and viewed within three (3) minutes. This would allow the engineer to perform the visual inspection in minutes instead of hours and sometimes days.