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Analytical Services

...for Microelectronics Failures

Level 1/2/3 IC Failure Analysis

Sage provides turnkey Failure Analysis options:

Level 1 – Recommended on all failures, are non-destructive methods will do not alter the electrical properties of the device under test (DUT), this level of analysis includes an external optical package inspection, X-ray inspection, curve tracing to verify the failure, Scanning Acoustic Microscope (CSAM) inspection of the package, Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR), as well as de-capsulation and die inspection. All results are compiled into a comprehensive report.

Level 2 – Picking up where Level 1 left off, the goal of Level 2 is to isolate the location in X and Y of the failure through the use of our advanced QFI tool which can use its Light Emission (Emmi), eXternally Induced Voltage Alteration (XIVA), or Infra-Red (IR) cameras to detect the failure location.

Level 3 – Once a failure location has been identified, the appropriate physical technique such as parallel de-processing or cross-section (mechanical or with a Dual-Beam FIB) is chosen with high-resolution photos of the failure documented.