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Analytical Services

...for Microelectronics Failures

IR / XIVA™ / TIVA / OBIRCH Analysis

With our QFI system, we can image from the front or backside of the die to obtain an IR hot spot site to localize the failing location or perform temperature mapping to understand where power is being dissipated on your device.

Externally Induced Voltage Alteration (XIVA), is the go-to technique to localize subtle leakage or shorts, with its scanning laser at the 1340nm wavelength, XIVA injects heat onto the die, this laser coupled heat allows Sage Analytical Lab to identify the presence of a number of diverse circuit anomalies including sub threshold gate leakage, subtle leakage across metal traces, and elevated junction leakage. Sage Analytical Lab’s tools and techniques can help localize the most difficult failures from the front or backside of the device.