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Grand Opening of Sage

Grand Opening of Sage Analytical Lab, LLC

World-class laboratory dedicated to analyzing and diagnosing all levels of failures opens headquarter office.

San Diego, Calif. – July 1, 2013 — Sage Analytical Lab LLC, the best-in-class laboratory dedicated to providing analytical techniques and state of the art equipment for analyzing and diagnosing all level of failures in today’s highly integrated and advanced semiconductor devices, opened their headquarter office in San Diego, California.

With decades of collective practical expertise and best practices, Sage Analytical Lab will provide state-of-the-art procedures and methods to proficiently analyze and expose failure sites. Services will be designed around customers with in-house Failure Analysis (FA) capabilities and those who seek a one-stop laboratory for their FA needs.

“We provide unmatched vertically integrated engineering services and support from the early chip design stage to volume production,” said Moe Homayounieh, Chief Executive Officer of Sage Analytical Lab, LLC. “We support our semiconductor customers with incomparable services for their design, development, testing, and analysis of their many challenging projects.”

Sage Analytical Lab, LLC is supported by an experienced team of business and financial managers who have brought together scientists, senior engineers, and technicians with a combined experience of over 85 years in the industry. Sage Analytical Lab will house the latest failure analysis equipment and systems that will serve their main clients.

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About Sage Analytical Lab, LLC

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in San Diego, California, Sage Analytical Lab, LLC is the best-in- class laboratory dedicated to analyzing and diagnosing all levels of failures. Sage Analytical Lab was built to assist all customers with the tremendous challenges they are faced with in today’s competitive market. Through unmatched dedication towards building the most efficient resources, Sage Analytical Lab is committed to surpassing expectations and providing timely responses and solutions for all customers.

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